Thursday, July 29, 2010

The DW-DM-BI acronym and terminology guide

The BI field is full of acronyms - many are common to the industry itself, while others are specific to the Microsoft solution (incidentally, Microsoft used to be famous for their TLAs - Three Letter Acronyms - but lately we are seeing some increased usage of four letter acronyms).

AMOAnalysis Management Objects
BIBusiness Intelligence
BIDSBusiness Intelligence Development Studio
CubeA logical object that stores dimensions and facts and provides a multidimensional view of the data (often used interchangeably with UDM)
DMData Mining; also used for Data Mart
DMXData Mining Extensions (language)
DTSData Transformation Services (generally refers to legacy SQL Server 2000 packages)
DWData Warehousing, or a Data Warehouse
ETLExtract, Transform, Load
KPIKey Performance Indicator
MDXMultidimensional Expressions (language)
MOLAPMultidimensional OLAP
OLAPOnline Analytical Processing (also see HOLAP, MOLAP, ROLAP)
OLTPOnline Transaction Processing
ROLAPRelational OLAP
SSASSQL Server Analysis Services
SSISSQL Server Integration Services
SSRSSQL Server Reporting Services
UDMUnified Dimensional Model (often used interchangeably with cube)
XMLAXML for Analysis

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