Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Some Android tips for long-time iPhone users

Last week, I took the plunge and switched from iPhone to an Android phone. After 4 years of being an iOS user, it was not easy!

My new phone is a Motorola MOTO-G 4G LTE. At $220, unlocked and including LTE, I think it's a great deal. Based upon my experiences as I learn about Android and this phone, I'll post tips here which I hope you'll find useful. Many of them are things done just differently, and many of them are hard (or even impossible) to achieve on an iPhone.

(I'll update this page with more tips progressively ... please visit regularly!)

1. Putting the phone in "Silent Mode":

Just press and hold the power button. A window will come up with a set of options. The bottom row has icons for Silent / Vibrate / Normal. Just tap the option you want.

Added bonus: Power Off or Airplane Mode can be selected from right there, too.

TIP: No need to move the slider to get to the Home Screen first. Press the power button once so the screen lights up, then press again and hold to get the options.

2. Night mode: Automatically put on silent sleep mode each night

Bring up the Assist app (Home screen > App launcher (circle with 6 dots) > Assist icon). Configure the "Sleeping" option to your preferences. The phone will automatically go into silent mode during those hours.

But don't miss urgent calls! Tap the right-arrow next to the "Silence" checkbox, to get a couple of useful/essential options: Enable the phone to ring when a person from your Favorites list calls, or when someone calls twice within 5 mins.

TIP: Along with "Sleeping", another useful option there is "Meeting". It uses your calendar to put the phone in silent mode when you're in meetings. Check it out!